Inktober Zine (2018)
Pedacitos (2017)
Más Caras (2017)
Sundresses (2016)
A Creature Collection (2014)
Quelle Belle, Moustache! (2014)
A Taste of Soda Pop Comics (2012)
Papel y Grapa #1
Papel y Grapa #2
Papel y Grapa #3
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Inktober Zine collects Rosa Colón's best drawings from Inktober 2016. Creature Collection are ink drawings from Inktober 2014. 

Más Caras, Sundresses and Quelle Belle, Moustache! are art zines. Pedacitos and A Taste of SPC have illustrations and comics.

Papel y Grapa is a series of educational zines about comic making.

Soda Pop Comics

Comics, Art and Merch!

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