Puerto Rico Strong (Lion Forge)
A Broken P.R.O.M.E.S.A. by Rosa Colón (Soda Pop Comics).
Nublado: Escombros de María
Collaboration with Castorillo and Taller Secreto Press. Various artists.
Oh! I Must Be Queer As Fuck!
Soda Pop Comics hosted with various artists.
PR Pride Zine #1
Collaboration with Castorillo. Various artists and writers.
Omar Banuchi hosted with Rosa Colón (Soda Pop Comics), Rosaura Rodríguez and Supa Kid.
Collaboration with Omar Banuchi.
Soda Pop Anthology
Soda Pop Comics hosted with various artists.
Collaboration with F3 Comics.
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Soda Pop Comics are proud of the great artists and illustrators in the Puerto Rican art scene who are willing to participate and organize great projects like these.

Puerto Rico Strong is Soda Pop Comics first collaboration with a publisher, Lion Forge. You can find it on Amazon and your local book shops.



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